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What is Womb Healing? 

Womb healing is an all-natural, long-forgotten, and really enjoyable shamanic healing technique. It adopts a holistic approach to healing any problems that stems from negative blockages in our womb.

your womb can store truma, fear pain & negative emotional memories, Dark traumatic experiences can create negative blockages that you might not be aware of. These blockages can accumulate over time resulting in infertility issues & poor menstrual health. Womb trauma can be passed down through generations. By taking accountability for your energetic womb health you are braking cycles, healing our ancestors and energising future generations. The theory is that you heal 7 generations before and 7 generations after. As woman we hold sacred life force in our womb space. The miracle of human life starts in the womb, the one thing all humans have in common is that we came from the womb!

What are the benefits?

Recycle negative energy, clears womb trauma, inspires creativity, taps in to your feminine power, regulates reproductive organs, gives you a new lease of life. The experience is fun, light and interactive. We use a combination of mantras, guided mediation and sound healing.

Who is womb healing for?

Absolutely everyone! we all grew and developed in our mothers sacred space, we have all passed through this energetic chamber so we all hold our mother’s life force energy within us. It is more common for woman to embark on this healing journey however men are welcome.

Can you have womb healing if you have had a hysterectomy?

Absolutely yes. Your physical womb may have been removed however your energetic womb is still very much present, womb healing is an esoteric practice, meaning we work with different vibrational energies not visible to the human eye, this in turn has a positive impact on your physical body.

I have been through the menopause can I still participate in womb healing?

Absolutely you might not have a menstrual cycle anymore but you still have an active energetic womb. I would just like to take this opportunity to Congratulate you for making it through the tough menopause journey.

Can I have womb healing if I don’t have regular periods?

Absolutely yes, in some instance’s womb healing can help you to connect with your cycle.


Can girls who has not started their periods have womb healing?

Absolutely yes. This may help their transition through puberty.

What can I expect?


Group sessions.

 The healing will be delivered via a healing circle of likeminded woman, you will be provided with a safe comfortable space. You will be provided with a yoga mat, blanket and cushion for comfort during your session.


One to one sessions.

The healing will be delivered similarly to a reiki healing treatment. You will be lay down on the treatment bed and made to feel comfortable and relaxed. You stay fully clothed during this healing experience. You may receive a gentle touch to your womb space during your session however no other physical contact will be made.

We will work with affirmations, mantas, guided meditation and sound healing tools. The experience will be delivered in a way that will enable you to visually connect to your womb space, making the experience fun, light and interactive. I aim to provide you with the tools to carry on your own healing practice after the session has ended.

Becoming a Womb Healing Practitioner.

We will soon be launching some training dates for this service. It is recommended that you take the womb healing journey yourself before embarking on the training course.

All participants will be added to the womb keepers register. This course is accredited by The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and delivered by The Healing Room Oldham.


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