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How & why Bath Bombs & Bath salts work:

When taking a bath the hot water and steam raise your body temperature and your pores open freely. This allows the CBD to enter your dermis and then on into your bloodstream. Ideally this takes up to 20 mins for you to get the full effects, but you start to "feel" in mere minutes, also it's a quick way to get a nice full dosage and no digestive system to work through. Also the mineral salts we use aid the cells in absorbing the CBD while also excreting toxins, a swap of sorts... good goes in...bad goes out. The salt helps remove the toxins from the bloodstream and improve the skin’s blood circulation. Thanks to the improved blood circulation, the CBD will enter our bloodstream faster and produce its effects quicker.

CBD does NOT dilute in bath water as CBD is not water-soluble. It is only soluble in oil and our pure CBD isolate has been suspended in organic hemp oil. This means you are getting a full high-spectrum CBD dose as the CBD molecules will enter your dermis and bloodstream as the oil is absorbed into your skin. The heat of the bath and the addition of mineral salts helps to open your pores to allow this to happen naturally. This is why we suggest that you allow a good 20 min soak to make sure you are getting the best from your bath bomb.This method keeps working on you for hours after you leave your bath. Bathing in CBD distributes the cannabinoids through your entire body treating it as a whole.


How do CBD skin salves/creams/Roll work?

CBD applied topically is like taking a time-release medication, it absorbs the dosage over time on a cellular level and lasts the longest but takes up to an hour to start feeling the effects of it. Topical application localizes your cannabinoid dosage to be most effective where you apply it.



Although there will be some variation, you can generally assume that a small to moderate-size dose (5-10mg) will last between 1-3 hours. A larger dose, say 10-20mg, may last 3-5 hours. By "last" we mean that this is how long the average adult will feel the strongest effects of the CBD.


How long does it take for CBD to leave your body?A small daily dose takes 3-5 days to completely leave your body. A larger dose is around 7-10 days.

CBD products and CBD oil are legal products in the UK if claims are not made regarding medical benefits.


"Please note that the essential oil blends used in our CBD products are Aromatherapy blends that are reputed to have certain properties that make them helpful and safe for people with these ailments. These are NOT intended to be a substitute for professional medical care and advice. We make NO medical claims about these blends or the products made with them."



Current Home Office guidance states that for CBD products to be legal in the UK the hemp plant must produce less than 0.2% THC, and there should be less than 1 mg (THC) in any subsequent container of CBD oil or product that is sold.



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