Hosting The Angels.

I absolutely love Angels  and every so often i invite them in to The Healing Room & my home, I like to invite the angels during autumn in the run up to Christmas,i love the energy and vibration they carry with them.This year i have decided to invite the angels early so i can share the experience with you.Hosting the angels is a lovely ritual of “welcoming” five Archangels into your home for a five day “visit.”  It continues a tradition which may have originated in New York in 2010, inspired by the movie Pay It Forward.  If you believe in and love Angels, you will treasure this experience!

There is preparation involved, a bit different than preparing for a guest that will visit for a few days.  Small items are needed, such as a flower/plant, candle, and fruit, and a suitable spot for a meditation altar (table) to hold these items.  There is also thoughtful preparation in the form of a welcoming prayer, three wishes (for the Earth, your family and yourself), and selecting the day and time of their arrival.  Best to have some flexibility in your schedule that will allow time for morning and evening meditation.If you choose to participate, know that it will be an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers , ask for guidance and receive direction ,and be given ways to pay it forward by helping others. 

Go into it with an open heart and just be “present” as you move through these days


You will need:

  • Table/alter.

  • Angel statue/ornament.

  • White candle,i would also recommend an electric candle for when you go out or go to bed,you need to try to keep the light continuous for the 5 days.

  • White flower (or a plant with any flowers on it)

  • A piece of fruit (apple)or natural snack.

  • Any other offerings you wont to make, i put a few crystals on my alter with my angel cards.

  • Pen & note book to record any messages,thoughts or feelings.


Determine date and time of arrival and departure,I do this by writing an invitation.The time you select should be a time that you can greet them at the door when they arrive and can bid them farewell after the fifth day.Select the area and table to be used for the altar.  A small table in a quiet spot is best, as you will want to sit in meditation near this spot.


Prepare a welcome prayer similar to this one:

“Hello and welcome Archangels. I am very grateful to each of you for purifying and bringing peace to this place and to the beings that live here.


Make 3 wishes:

  • For the Earth.

  • For your Family.

  • For yourself. 

Day before Arrival:

Set up your altar and light candle prior to the scheduled arrival.

Day of Arrival:

Welcome the Archangels at the predetermined time by opening the door through which they will enter and depart.

Greet the Archangels with the Welcome Prayer.

Sit in meditation by the altar (recommended).

During the Visit: Listen!  Love!  Laugh!  Learn!  Journal!


Day of Departure:

Departure Prayer,

Dearest Archangels i am very grateful to you for bringing harmony, joy and serenity to us. I am very grateful to you for fulfilling my wishes.” Thank you.


Talk with the Archangels about their next Hosts if you are passing them on to someone else,

At time of departure, say the Departure Prayer as you open the door.

Once they leave, safely burn your wishes (or cut them up) and place outside.

If appropriate, eat the fruit / food from the altar.

If appropriate, set the flower / plant outside to recycle naturally.

Check in with the next Host (if you are passing them on)to confirm date, time, and process.


There is no "wrong" if alternatives are needed to the guidelines then that is fine, this is just the way i do it,do what works best for you, how could anything about this beautiful honoring of the Angels and your willingness to do  be wrong? 

Do not worry if you do not have anyone to pass the Angels on to, just invite them back next year!

Some people choose to host the Angels over the Christmas period ,personally this did not work for me with having a hectic social schedule and family commitments.

I really do hope you enjoy hosting the Archangels. I would recommend the web site for free angelic information.

I do Angel Healing & Card Readings at The Healing Room.

My personal choice of Angels: I have chosen to honour 1 Angel a day.

Archangel Raphael - The Divine Healer; Guardian Angel Archetype; Physical and Emotional can use this audio clip to connect with Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Gabriel - The Master Angel of Mercy and Compassion; Female Archetype;  Care and Protection of Family, Home, and Pets.You can use this audio clip to connect with Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Uriel - The Angel of Creativity; Assists in Creating Success in a Spiritual Way;  Detachment from Results.Use this audio clip to connect with Archangel Uriel. 

Archangel Metatron - The Chancellor of Heaven; the Prince of Ministering Angels;  Assists on the Path to Enlightenment.Use this audio clip to connect with Archangel Metatron.

Archangel Michael-

The Master and Protector of the Light; Male Archetype; Physical and Emotional Strength and Protection; Trailblazer.You can use this audio clip to connect with Arch Angel Michael

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